We compensate our CO2 emission fully by planting coniferous forest.

Corporate Responsibility

Financial Responsibility:

  • The Toy Museum wants to care for its profitability and competitiveness to stay in business as long as possible. We owe this not just to the founder, but also to the people who donated their old toys to the museum.
  • Even a museum entrepreneur needs to make a living – that is why the museum is not free entrance.

Environmental Responsibility:

  • The furniture of the museum and café are old and made of authentic materials
  • We avoid plastic when and wherever possible
  • We don’t use single use containers in the café or sell plastic bottles.
  • We recycle
  • Our ice cream cups and spoons are biodegradable
  • All baked goods in the café are baked on premises and we know everything they contain
  • We prefer organic products whenever it is convenient and possible
  • Our electricity is nature friendly and produced without any CO2 emissions
  • We compensate our CO2 emission fully by planting coniferous forest
Logo: Green Key
Logo: Sustainable Trave Finland

Social Responsibility:

  • The staff gets paid a fair wage and all non-wage labour costs are covered
  • We do not have unpaid internships or trainees
  • Contracts of employment as well as references are made correctly and in a timely fashion
  • Duty rosters are made in accordance to legislation
  • Employees have access to occupational health care
  • The customer always gets a receipt of their purchase