Here the visitor gets to admire the beautiful and extraordinary artefacts.

The Toy Museum Today

The identity of the Toy Museum is to be an old timey collection museum: here the visitor gets to admire the beautiful and extraordinary artefacts, wonder at the changing times and reflect on their grandparents’ lives. This is not a playground or a children’s culture centre, those you can find in Helsinki City Museum and Espoo. Our target group is nostalgics, hungry for the romance of bygone times, irrespective of age or gender.

The Toy Museum is open for two seasons: Summer and Christmas. During the Summer season we are open daily, from the beginning of May until the end of September. Outside these seasons we are open mainly on weekends, and we are always open during the Easter holidays, welcome!

The museum space has been renovated and expanded twice already, allowing more space for the growing collection – even the soviet toys finally made it to the showcases! Yet, we are still short on space. Another issue is our location on the map, not exactly central. This makes expanding to the residential floors of the Villa not sensible. Our customer flow is not enough to support such a big renovation, even though we’re always dreaming and planning!

Petra Tandefelt

The Collector Petra Tandefelt gathered toy stories and delicious pastry recipes into a book, Nallerouva Hunajapurkin Herkkukirja – nostalgisia leluja ja reseptejä (Tammi 2012). Two editions were printed and both sold out, but you can still lend it out from the library (unfortunately the book is available only in Finnish). 2019 saw the self-publication, The Toy Cabinet – Stories from the Toy Museum, which brings background to the iconic jewels of the collection, come to life. The book is available at the Toy Museum and is also available in English.

The sea shore in front of the museum has been undergoing reconstruction for many years now and we are sorry about the inconvenience. It does not really affect our business, but at times it has been difficult to find us. If you find it difficult to find us, or want to know more about the construction work, you can contact the governing body of Suomenlinna.

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